Usually, accounts and ad codes are approved within a few minutes unless the system detects suspicious activity. After that, the queue of requests goes directly to our managers' team.

Approval hours

Our team approves websites 7 days a week, from 6 AM to 6 PM UTC. During these hours, the websites' approval takes minutes.

In case you are from a different time zone and request an approval out of the office hours, there is a need to wait: your request is the first thing our team addresses at the beginning of their working day. Thank you for your patience; it means a lot to us!

When the team is away, and they can't address your request atm, you see that in the chat interface:

Checking your request status


You can check the up-to-date status of your request at the Websites tab.

⏳ When your request is in the queue, it has "Pending" status:

☹️ In case your request is "Declined", there's a high probability that your domain or website is already in the system, Please, try to recall whether you've already had an account at Adsterra and reactivate it.

✅ Once your website is approved, the status changes to "Approved". You can get the codes and start monetizing right away! Choose "All codes" and expand the instruction and the code itself by clicking "Get code" for a specific ad unit.

Email notification

To have a hand on a pulse, you can also keep an eye on your inbox. Once your website is approved, you will get an email with ad tags:

If you struggle to find it in your inbox, look for the email subject "Your domains were approved" or "Custom domain request was approved". Also, check the Junk inbox.

When you click on the button in the email, you will find the generated code, that you can add to your website:

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