When you add a website, you can choose from the various ad formats. For all those formats, we offer a 100% fill rate. Adsterra AI optimization makes sure your website visitors see the most relevant offer from our advertisers. Our ad codes are fully compatible with https/SSL.


πŸ“What is: Popunder is full-page adverting, which looks like a landing/an offer page, appearing in a tab behind the main browser window. Our Popunder codes are fully compatible with all devices and OS. Popunders proved to be the most profitable ads for Adsterra publishers.

πŸ‘Best suited for: websites with an audience that doesn't like to be distracted from the content, who is likely to focus attention on one thing per time. As Popunder Ads are opened in the new tab, they don't interrupt users' experience.

⛔️Better don't: create a Popunder chain of several ad units. A few Popunders opened in a row would do no good: users won't appreciate it, and you risk losing not only their trust but also your income.

Social Bar

πŸ“What is: Social Bar is a new type of ad that works on all OS. Social Bar is one of the most engaging and interactive ad formats; it can look like in-page push, chat bubbles, сustom banners, icons, quizzes, etc. It's installed as a single line code on your website, and our optimization system chooses the best ad types to show to your visitors and rotates those to keep the performance high.

πŸ‘Best suited for: websites with well-built UX as Social Bar ads would fit perfectly without contradiction to the general website style. It will also work for more experienced visitors who are used to all typical ad formats and don't even notice it. Great for iOS users monetization and bypassing Ad Block.

⛔️Better don't: the same story β€” don't put more than one Social bar per page. Remember that optimization is already rotating different ad types, so one Social Bar per page is entertaining enough.

πŸ“What is: Direct Link (also known as a Smart Link) is a URL that takes users who click on it to an offer page. The best advantage of Direct Link is that you can monetize traffic even without a website.

πŸ‘Best suited for: publishers who don't own a website, monetization of social traffic, websites with limited space for ad placement.

⛔️Better don't: frankly mislead your users with Direct Lick placement, don't ignore adding Direct Link on the website that already has many ads. In case you aim to use Direct Link to monetize traffic from social networks, don't ignore its' current policies.

Native Banners

πŸ“What is: Native Banner is a block of banners in which content and headlines blend with the website's content. The code is fully compatible with all devices and OS. Native Banners are responsive, and its performance relies highly on its strategically picked location.

πŸ‘Best suited for: websites with well-thought content, articles, etc. Native Banners would work great for a sensitive involved audience when it looks like a native part of the website's content.

⛔️Better don't: make Native Banners block that clearly stands out from your website content. Also, keep in mind the volume of mobile traffic at your website to adjust your Native Ads for mobile devices.

πŸ† These ad formats β€” Popunder, Social Bar, and Native Banners β€” are considered to be the most universal & profitable ad units chain for Adsterra Publishers.

Nevertheless, for individual cases and websites with an elaborate monetization strategy, the following ad formats are also providing great results:

Display Banners

πŸ“What is: an advertising image with or a without text that you can insert at a chosen place on your website. We offer the most popular banner sizes: 160x300, 160x600, 300x250, 320Ρ…50, 728x90, 468x60. Our Display banners are not responsive. The CPM rates for Display Banner traffic are mainly calculated from advertiser campaigns' CPA bids.

πŸ‘Best suited for: moderate passive income from ads without complicated monetization strategy.

⛔️Better don't: oversaturate your website with banners since it might lead to lower traffic performance. We advise you to use 1 of our banners of each size to prevent the same banners from appearing on your page.

πŸ’‘ If you want more than 1 banner, then we suggest you take a look at Native Banners and adjust the number of banners in the Native Banners block to something suitable for your case.

Web Push Notifications

πŸ“What is: Web Push Notification is a clickable message that is sent to the desktop or mobile devices of users subscribed to browser push notifications. It is sent by the browser only after the user agrees to receive web push notifications, so this ad format is working even when a user left the website.

πŸ‘Best suited for: websites with routine content that form user's feed, like shopping or entertainment.

⛔️Better don't: offer users to subscribe withing the first second on your website. Also, keep a moderate frequency for subscription window popups.

πŸ’‘ With unpredictable changes coming with each new Google Chrome update, we'd recommend you to consider using Social Bar (thus, you will have an ad format compatible with iOS)

Video pre-rolls

πŸ“What is: installed as a VAST/VPAID code right into a video player, this ad format shows your website visitor a short advertisement before the visitor can skip it to get to original video content.

πŸ‘Best suited for: monetizing a video content, obviously, for publishers with technical skills who can handle the installation.

⛔️Better don't: try to install it to the video player that doesn't support VAST/VPAID code.

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