Managing Your Websites

Learn how to manage your websites on Adsterra's dashboard

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💡 Once your website is approved, you can access your code snippets, request new Ad Units, exclude or include certain campaigns or hide any website from the list on the Websites page.

Accessing and Managing Code Snippets

You can find all Ad Units that you added to a particular website by clicking the website's name or down arrow next to it:

From here, you can:

  • Find and copy the unique zone (website) and placement ID:

  • Copy the code by clicking 'Get code':

  • Navigate to the placement's statistics:

  • Rename the placement and exclude certain campaigns by clicking 'About'.

❗️ Note that if you do not use an Ad Unit for more than 14 days, it becomes inactive. You can always reactivate it on the Websites page by clicking 'Resubmit':

Also note that there's no technical opportunity to delete an already added ad unit.

No worries though, if you do not use it, it won't affect anything.

Requesting More Ad Units

  1. Click '+ Ad Unit' next to the website's name

  2. Pick the Ad Unit you'd like to add

  3. Select the Campaigns you'd like to remove

  4. Click 'Add'

Now allow us some time to approve this for you. You'll get an email with the code snippet once it is approved.

If you need one more placement for the same format, please get in touch with us via the live chat.

Editing your Website

By clicking 'About' next to a particular website, you'll see some details: the website's name, its unique ID, its category, and the number of Ad Units added to it. You can also exclude certain campaigns from the ads your visitors get.

❗ Note that these restrictions will be applied to the new codes only. If you'd like to remove some campaigns from the installed Ad Units, click 'About' right next to the corresponding placement.

If you'd like to change your website category, please get in touch with us.

Hiding your Website from the List

Even though there is no technical opportunity to delete a website from your account, there is an option to hide it from the list. If you no longer wish to see any of the added websites, simply click on More and 'Move to hidden'. This won't affect Statistics.

Turning your Website's Statistics off

If you no longer want to see Statistics of any website, simply click on More next to its name and then click 'Turn Statistics Off'.

Applying Filters

For more convenient navigation through your websites and ad units, use filters:

  • Statistics: websites that you decide to track or not on the Statistics page

  • Visibility: visible or hidden websites from the list (doesn't affect the Statistics page)

  • Website Status: approved, declined and pending websites

  • Ad Unit Status: active, inactive, pending and not supported ad units.

To go back to the default view, click 'Reset all filters':

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