💡 We offer VAST ads as XML, also referred to as 'ad tag', that can be added to any compatible player. The code looks as follows:


It is always available on the Websites page once approved.

The exact steps will vary depending on your player, so please make sure to refer to the documentation.


Brightcove has a CMS where you can add the ad tag in the Advertising section:

  1. Open your player's properties and click 'Advertising'

  2. Check 'Enable Client-Side (IMA)' and paste the XML ad tag from the Websites page

  3. Click Save

  4. Click Publish & Embed > Publish Changes

Full article is available here.


Brid.TV allows you to add an XML ad tag via CMS:

  1. Navigate to your PLAYERS section in Brid

  2. Select any of your players by clicking on its title

  3. Select the MONETIZATION dropdown

  4. Make sure that the monetizable checkbox is checked

  5. Click on the ADD PRE-ROLL button

  6. Enter an Ad tag URL which returns a valid VAST or VPAID ad response

  7. Press SAVE


JW Player

Adding VAST ads to JW Player comprises 2 steps: adding an ad schedule and enabling advertisement

Creating an Ad Schedule

  1. Click Ad Schedules > Create Ad Schedule. The Ad Schedule screen appears

  2. Enter a name for the ad schedule

  3. In the Select Your Ad Manager section, tick VAST

  4. In the Configure Ad Breaks section, click the + icon to create a Preroll, Midroll, or Postroll ad break

  5. In the text box, enter the URL of the ad tag

  6. Click SAVE


This done, enable advertising for your player:

  1. Navigate to Players

  2. Click on your player and open 'Advertising'

  3. Toggle Advertising on and select the VAST schedule you created

  4. Click Save



Video.js player requires the videojs-vast-plugin available in this github repo.

You need to add the supporting Javascript files and CSS.

<link href="videojs.vast.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> 
<script src="vast-client.js"></script>
<script src="video.ads.js"></script>
<script src="videojs.vast.js"></script>

Then in your player configuration, specify where your VAST file is:

plugins: { 
ads: {},
vast: {
url: 'https://www.videosprofitnetwork.com/watch.xml?key=your_unique_key'

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