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Earn extra with Adsterra referral program for affiliate marketers and bloggers

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💡 Adsterra Referral program is very simple! Refer new publishers to Adsterra Network via personal invite link or a creative and earn 5% of their revenue. The more people you refer, the more income you get.

Generating your invite link

You may generate your unique invite link on the Referrals page:

Once a new publisher is registered with your link, he'll become your referral, and you'll be getting 5% of their revenue.

On the Referrals page, you will also be able to see the full list of your referrals:

and referral income statistics:

Adding referral banners to your site

You may also use our referral banners to maximize your referral profit. Just download any banner you want from the Referrals page:

and place them on your site:

Using invite links effectively

There are several ways you can refer publishers to Adsterra Network. Here is a list of the most popular and successful methods you can try:

  • Text links — best for blogs and personal websites that have content related to digital marketing: posts or articles about affiliate marketing, ad networks, monetization, etc.

  • Blogs — best for blog owners. Write a positive review about Adsterra Network or a post with website monetization tips and add your invite link within the article.

  • Friends and colleagues — spread the word about Adsterra Network among your friends and colleagues and help them monetize their traffic with Adsterra Network.

  • Social Networks — for social network junkies. Write a post, status, or tweet about your experience with Adsterra Network, include a referral link, and engage your followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  • Comments — best for those who like to be engaged in online communities, like forums, groups, or article discussions. Share your referral link with publishers who are looking for more monetization ways, or simply add it to your profile signature.

  • Contextual Ads — for publishers who like to use AdWords or similar tools. Create a contextual ad that best describes Adsterra Network and add your invite link.

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