💡 Around 20-30% of users use Adblock and don’t see our ads — now you can turn them into impressions and earn from it with the help of our Anti-adblock solution.

To get our Anti-adblock solution:

  • Go to the Websites page;

  • Find 'Anti-adblock. How to monetize Adblock users' and open it;

  • Click 'Request Anti-adblock for all sites':

Now give us a moment to confirm your request.

Once approved, you'll receive an email with the updated codes. Please use them from now on and replace the old codes with the new ones.

You can also click 'Request anti-adblock' next to any placement, this will update all of your codes.

❗ Note that our custom domain codes (that provide Anti-adblock solution) expire time to time. In this case, you'll receive an email with the updated codes that will let you continue using Anti-adblock codes.

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