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Anti-adblock Solution
Anti-adblock Solution

Find out how to use Anti-adblock solution to increase publishers' revenue

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💡 Around 20-30% of users use Adblock and don’t see our ads — now you can turn them into impressions and earn from it with the help of our Anti-adblock solution.

To get our Anti-adblock solution:

  • Go to the Websites page;

  • Find the 'Increase your revenue with Anti-Adblock' section and open it;

  • Click 'Request Anti-adblock':

Now give us a moment to confirm your request.

Once approved, you'll receive an email with the updated codes: they will contain a custom domain. Please use them from now on and replace the old codes with the new ones.

❗ Note that our custom domains expire time to time. In this case, you'll receive an email with the updated codes that will let you continue using Anti-adblock codes.

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