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KYC Process for Wire and Local Bank Transfers
KYC Process for Wire and Local Bank Transfers

Learn how to go through the KYC process to receive payments via bank transfers

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To start getting payments through Wire or Local Bank Transfer, you need to go through the KYC process.

💡 KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is a necessary process of identifying and verifying a client's identity. In simpler terms, banks must confirm that their clients are who they say they are.

Uploading your identification documents

To pass the KYC, you need to provide us with the identification documents. This may be:

  • a photo (not a scan) of your national ID in English,

  • a photo (not a scan) of your passport in English,

  • a notarized translation of your ID (passport) in case it's not in English,

  • a photo (not a scan) of your driver's licence or residence permit (for the US and Canada).

❗️ Note that the payment details at Adsterra should match the info in your ID (passport), otherwise the payment cannot be sent.

Please go to the Payments page, find the 'Documents' section and click 'Add new document':

On the pop-up, choose ID Photo (or residence permit, or driver's license) from the dropdown. Then, select a file and click UPLOAD:

All done! The verification will take 10-30 minutes, and you'll see a status of it on the same page.

Checking the KYC status

Once the document is uploaded, you can track its status on the Payments page (the Documents section).

  • Pending — your document is still being verified.

  • Valid — your document has been verified, and your payment will be scheduled once you reach the minimum payout sum and the hold period ends (for Wire transfer, you'll also need to sign an agreement sent by your manager or Customer Care team).

  • Invalid — your document has been declined. However, you may be allowed to re-upload your document if you see this notification:

Go to your inbox and check Adsterra emails. If it’s allowed to re-upload the document, you will get the following message:

Check the reason for why the document was declined and try to reupload it. Additionally, make sure your document meets basic requirements.

  1. The document is in English.

  2. The photo is of good quality.

  3. Your Payment information is exactly the same as in the document.

  4. You uploaded a photo, not a scanned version.

Dealing with common issues

In some cases, you may not be able to upload the ID photo. A notification will appear depending on the reason:

1. When you have not filled the necessary payment info details on the Payment information page. If so, you’ll get this notification:

To verify your ID, please first update payment information in your Profile. Afterward, try uploading your ID again.

2. When you have not added all info required to your Payment information, but it’s payment period now:

ID verification is unavailable during the payment period. After the payment period ends, complete payment information in your Profile and then upload your ID again.

3. If earlier you uploaded another Document, and it’s still being verified (the Pending status):

You have already uploaded your ID document. Please wait for it to be checked, then try again if needed.

4. If you added a valid document earlier, and it was approved:

You have already uploaded your ID document. If you wish to update it, please reach out to your personal manager or contact our Customer Care team.

Note that once you've started the process of KYC and uploaded your document, you must get approval to receive payments. This is required even if you decide to change the payment system later.

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