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KYB Process for Legal Entities
KYB Process for Legal Entities

Learn how to go through the KYB process to receive payments as a legal entity

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To start getting payments as a legal entity, you need to go through the KYB process.

💡 KYB stands for Know Your Business. It is a necessary process of identifying and verifying a company's identity. In simpler terms, banks must confirm that their clients are who they say they are.

Please note that this process is obligatory for receiving payments regardless of the payment system you use (excluding crypto, however), the balance you have or any other condition.

Uploading your identification documents

To pass the KYB, you need to provide us with a certificate of incorporation.

❗️ Note that the payment details at Adsterra should match the info in the certificate, otherwise the payment cannot be sent.

1. Please go to the Payments page, find the 'Documents' section and click 'Add new document':

2. On the pop-up, choose Certificate of incorporation from the dropdown:

3. Enter your company registration number:

4. Then, select a file and click UPLOAD.

All done! The verification will take place on the payment date, and you'll see a status of it on the same page.

Checking the KYB status

Once the document is uploaded, you can track its status on the Payments page (the Documents section).

  • Verification — your document is still being verified.

  • Valid — your document has been verified, and your payment will be scheduled once you reach the minimum payout sum and the hold period ends.

  • Invalid — your document has been declined. Please contact your manager or the Customer Care team for more details.

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