💡 If you have a social media group, a YouTube channel or a mobile app, you can use our Smart Direct Link to monetize your audience. Inside the Smart Direct Link, there is a URL where your traffic will be sent after users click. Our algorithms behind the link select the best landing page from the advertisers' campaigns that run at Adsterra.

  1. Go to the Websites tab and click Add new website;

  2. Fill in the domain or if you don't have a website, compose a non-existing domain from your Adsterra login, ex. : [myadsterralogin].com;

  3. Select the category of traffic that you're going to send via that Direct Link so that we can pick the most relevant offers;

  4. Choose a "Direct Link" Ad Unit;

  5. Filter the unwanted advertisers' campaigns by excluding certain types of offers.

Once your request is approved, you can access the link straight from the Websites page.

You can add the link anywhere, for example:

  • Call-to-action buttons (Download, Play, Subscribe, Get Bonus, etc)

  • Texts (it’s better if they contain a call to action)

  • Full-size images previews

  • Return buttons

  • Images and GIFs

  • JavaScript pop-up forms

  • Subscription buttons

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