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Adding Ads to a Static HTML Site
Adding Ads to a Static HTML Site

Learn how to install Adsterra's advertising codes onto your static pages

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💡 We'll walk you through the process of adding Adsterra ads to a very simple static HTML page, however the process is roughly the same for more complex websites as well. Our codes are JavaScript based and work on almost any website. However, if you prefer WordPress, Elementor, Blogger or a php-based site, please refer to the relevant guides. The code snippets are always available on the Websites page — in this article you'll find our step-by-step guide to getting the scripts.


Add the code snippet right before the closing </head> tag:

❗ Note that using several Popunder codes on the same page may lead to conflict of the codes. If you want to increase the number of ads, just reach out to us to set customized frequency settings.

Social Bar

Social Bar script is placed right above the closing </body> tag:

❗ Note that changing the position of the code snippet does not place the ads elsewhere — please get in touch if you want to change the location of the ads. Also bear in mind that using several Social Bar codes on the same page does not increase the number of ads. If you want to change it, just contact us to set customized frequency settings.

Direct Link

Using your Direct Link in a Text:

To add a Direct Link to any text, use the standard HTML <a> tag for hyperlinks:

<a href="your direct link URL">link text</a>

You can also add it to any image:

<a href="your direct link URL"> <img src="" alt="Adsterra"> </a>

Or even add it to a button:

<button onclick="window.location.href='your direct link URL';"> Click Here </button>

Native Banners

Native Banner script can be placed anywhere in the page body:

The ad will inherit the style of the webpage by default; on the Websites page you can tweak the layout, as well as the size and colour of the font.

❗ Note that using the same snippet more than once per page may lead to conflict of the codes. You may ask for up to 2 additional Native Banner codes by contacting our Support team.

Static Banners

For Static Banner, just place the code snippet anywhere in the page body, but keep in mind that horizontal banners look better at the top of the page, and vertical ones are mainly used in the sidebar. Rectangle ads can be placed almost anywhere.

💡 Note that we do not provide ads.txt files, as our advertisers do not require them.

If you still need it, you can contact us to request the required details and create the file on your own. We'll be glad to share the needed data with you!

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