💡 The Profile page contains your personal, payment and access information. It allows you to change your payment system, password and preferred communication channel.

To update any of the fields:

  1. Navigate to the Profile page;

  2. Modify the corresponding field and click 'Save changes'; we'll send you a one-time confirmation code;

  3. Open your inbox and find the 'Profile update confirmation' email;

4. Find the update string in the email and copy it;

5. Paste the update string into the 'Update string' field and click 'Save changes'.

To change the email address, please get in touch with our Customer Care team.

❗ Please bear in mind that:

  • We lock payment information fields 3 days before and 3 days after each payment period: on 1,2,3,14,15,16,17,18,29,30,31 of every month.

  • Every payment system has its own required fields. Please refer to this article for more details.

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