Selecting the Right Ad Unit

Discover how to choose the ad unit for your website that will monetize 100% of your traffic

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💡 An Ad Unit is a specific advertising format you can place on your website. It does not define the category of ads your audience will get, but rather the format of the advertisement. We can divide Ad Units into two broad categories: rich media ads and static ads. Popunder, Social Bar and Native Banners usually bring the best results and highest profits.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ad may include video, audio, or other elements that encourage your visitors to interact with the content. While display ads sell with static images, rich media ads offer more ways to engage an audience, and increase your CTR.

Social Bar

Social Bar is one of the most engaging and interactive ad formats; it can look like in-page push, chat bubbles, custom banners, icons, quizzes, etc. You may find some examples here.

Great for:

  • websites with well-built UX;

  • iOS users monetization;

  • bypassing Ad Block.

Pricing models: 75% for CPA, 20% for CPM and 5% for CPC.

Fine-tuning your ads: reach out to us if you would like to change the position (like upper-left or bottom-right corner) or how often you want your visitors to see the ad.


Popunder is full-page adverting, which looks like a landing/an offer page, appearing in a tab behind the main browser window.

Great for: websites with an audience that doesn't like to be distracted from the content, who is likely to focus attention on one thing per time.

Pricing models: 50/50 CPM/CPA.

Fine-tuning your ads: we can help you set up the frequency of your Popunder, as well as whether it opens on any click or only for certain elements.

Direct Link

Direct Link (also known as a Smart Link) is a URL that takes users who click on it to an offer page. The best offer page is selected by our system for each user depending on their GEO, OS, device and other targeting.

Pricing models: 50/50 CPM/CPA.

Great for: publishers who don't own a website, monetization of social traffic, websites with limited space for ad placement.

Static Ads

Static ads include Banners of various sizes and Native Banners. Both are non-intrusive and can be placed on any web page, but are prone to banner blindness.

Native Banners

Native Banner is a block of banners in which content and headlines blend with the website's content. They are responsive, and their performance relies highly on its strategically picked location.

Great for: websites and blogs with featured content.

Pricing models: a mixture of CPM/CPA/CPC ad campaigns

Fine-tuning your ads: you can select the layout, font size and colour on the Websites page. Reach out to us if you'd like to customize what it looks like on mobile devices or add custom CSS.

Display Banners

A static image with or without text that you can insert at a chosen place on your website. Note that it is not responsive and will not automatically adjust its size for mobile devices, however we provide Banner sizes that fit smaller screens well. Here you can also find a guide on how to display different Banners on different devices.

Pricing models: CPA

We offer the following Banner sizes: 160x300, 160x600, 300x250, 320х50, 728x90, 468x60.

160 x 300 — would look great in the sidebar or footer in-between other interface elements.

160 x 600 — Wide Skyscraper — a little longer than the previous one, but still fits the sidebar as a standalone ad.

300 x 250 — Medium Rectangle — usually placed near the top of a webpage, and works best when placed before the fold.

728 x 90 — Leaderboard — perfect for headers and footers, and is often placed above the main content of a page.

320 х 50 — Mobile Leaderboard — opt for this one instead of the leaderboard for mobile devices.

468 x 60 — usually referred to as 'Banner Ad' — often appears at the top of a webpage.

We recommend placing a Banner of any size in high-traffic locations on web pages, including the front, bottom, or the side of a webpage.

You may see the demo version of all ad formats here.

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