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Checking your Account Balance
Checking your Account Balance

Learn how to check your publisher's balance and what parts it consists of

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💡 Your Account balance is the amount you have earned but have not received yet. It includes the money you earned from Adsterra ads and your referral program profit.

Account balance is always available at the top of every page in your Adsterra account:

When you click ▼ next to the balance, you can see the full breakdown on the amount below:

Earned — total amount earned from the Adsterra ads (does not include referral profit);

Paid — total amount Adsterra has already paid to you (also available on the Payments page);

Adjustments — total amount of adjustments — any other money credited to or debited from your account (excluding referral profit);

Referrals — total amount earned from the Adsterra referral program.

On the Statistics page, you can also see your Revenue — the amount earned during any specific period of time:

❗ Note that it varies depending on the filters you have applied. More details about Statistics and filters here.

If you want to see your full revenue breakdown, just choose the date when you started monetizing your sites:

Revenue is also more granular: it has 3 digits after zero. Until you reach at least $1 in total, your balance may not reflect your full revenue. This happens because the balance is rounded to 2 digits after zero.

Let's go further and see how to work with the Statistics.

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