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Working with Statistics
Working with Statistics

Learn how to track monetization results with the Adsterra's advanced yet easy-to-understand statistics dashboard

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💡 Statistics page will show you how well the ads perform on your websites. You can apply different filters and date ranges to get as granular as you need.

💡 Our statistics update within every 10 minutes. It might be a bit slower during peak hours.

There are two ways to access your statistics:

  • Navigate to the Statistics page from the left-hand menu;

  • Click 📈 Statistics next to a website or placement (you will only see this website's or placement's stats) on the Websites page.

If you do not see your website's statistics, make sure you haven't turned them off on the Websites page. More info on how to manage your websites and ad units here.

Filtering your Statistics

If you open the Statistics page, the default settings for your statistics are all data across all websites and placements for the last 5 days by date:

If you get to the statistics from the Websites page, you’ll see website- or placement-specific statistics.

You can tweak the following filters:

  • Country

  • Domain and Placement

  • Start and finish date (there are also presets that show statistics for yesterday, last 7 and 30 days)

The 'Group by' filter allows you to track your statistics by separate parameters:

  • Date

  • Domain

  • Placement

  • Country

  • Device format

  • Operating system

  • Browser

Viewing your Statistics

The Statistics page has the following columns:

Impressions — how many times your visitors saw the ads; note that we count an impression once the ad is fully loaded; also take into account that we do not count proxy, VPN or Tor traffic as per our advertisers' request, and that some of your visitors may be using AdBlock (read here how to monetize AdBlock traffic). The number of impressions is usually 10-15% lower than the number of your daily visitors;

Clicks — how many times the ads were clicked, except for Direct Link and Popunder as they are CPM/CPA based;

CTR — Click-through rate — is the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions;

CPM — your effective CPM calculated based on how much money different CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns brought you; this rate changes day-to-day and fluctuates throughout the day;

Revenue — how much money you earned; note that it's rounded to 3 digits after zero, while your balance has only two, so until you earn $1 your balance may not always show your full revenue.

The first column will vary depending on the breakdown you applied in the filters.

You can also sort the table by impressions, clicks, CTR, CPM and Revenue by clicking in the left corner of the needed column:

Read more on how to analyse and improve your statistics here.

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