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Analysing and Improving your Statistics
Analysing and Improving your Statistics

Learn how to analyse and improve your stats working with different parameters

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Analysing your Statistics

Applying filters may help you analyse your ads' performance more deeply. Here are some examples.

To see how traffic from a particular GEO performs, you need to choose this country in the 'Country' filter and click 'Apply'.

If you want to check how traffic from different countries performs, choose 'Country' in the 'Group by' filter. You may also sort statistics by revenue to find out traffic from what GEO brings most profit to you, or sort them by the number of impressions to see where your traffic mainly comes from.

Statistics show that your traffic mainly comes from the Philippines, while traffic from the US gives you the most of the revenue.

It's also possible to find out what device format gives you the highest profit. To do so, just choose 'Device format' in the 'Group by' filter:

You may notice that mobile users bring you almost 76% of the revenue, which means you should focus on such traffic to get even higher rates and profit.

❗️ Note that if you send traffic to Direct link, your clicks will always be 0, and that’s fine: Direct link is 50/50 CPM/CPA based, so you earn for impressions and target actions that your users make.

Improving your Statistics

Find some useful info on how to improve your statistics below:

  • If you mainly send SEO traffic, try to increase traffic volume from Tier-1 countries, such as the USA, Canada, the UK, etc — it will give you higher rates.

  • Try out different combinations of ad units that will match your website layout best. Still, Popunder + Social bar + Native banner is always a good choice! More info about our ad units here.

  • Note that advertisers need not only impressions, but also target actions. An action occurs when a visitor of a website completes any action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase on the advertiser's landing page. So, the more actions your users make, the higher eCPM and revenue are.
    To get more actions, try to attract new traffic sources, for example, from social networks.

  • Use our Anti-adblock solution to monetize AdBlock traffic.

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