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Receiving Payments through PayPal by Hyperwallet
Receiving Payments through PayPal by Hyperwallet
Learn how to easily receive payments to PayPal by Hyperwallet
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💡 Hyperwallet is a global payment platform powered by PayPal. For more information, please visit Hyperwallet official site.

Before you start setting up PayPal by Hyperwallet, please make sure this payment system is supported in your country. Check the full list of countries in this article.

❗ Also note that due to Hyperwallet Terms and Conditions, users are only allowed to use one Hyperwallet account for one publisher account.

Setting up PayPal by Hyperwallet as a preferred payment system

1. Open the Profile page and navigate to the Country field. Pick your country from the dropdown.

2. Next comes the currency choice. For PayPal, please pick USD.

3. In the Preferred paysystem field, pick PayPal by Hyperwallet from the dropdown.
* You won't see this payment system if it is not supported in your country.

❗️ Note that once you select PayPal by Hyperwallet as your payment method, you'll be able to use regular payment options only (meaning no crypto will be available). More info here.

4. Choose the Account type. You can choose between the Individual and Legal Entity types. The following fields will depend on which type of account you picked.

5. Make sure the Minimal amount field contains $100.

6. Fill in the rest of the required fields.

Please note that you’ll be able to do so only after you reach the minimum payout sum:

When you reach it, fill in the following payment fields:

  • For the Individual account type, these will be:

    • First Name;

    • Last Name;

    • Date of Birth*;

    • Address Line;

    • City;

    • State / Province;

    • Postal (zip) code.

* Ensure you entered your birthdate in the required format "yyyy-mm-dd” (e.g., “1984-02-11”)

  • For the Legal Entity account type, the fields will be:

    • Company Name;

    • Address Line;

    • City;

    • State / Province;

    • Postal (zip) code.

7. Click the 'Save my profile' button.

8. Adsterra will ask you to update the string (a secret key) to confirm changes in your Profile.

Please go to your inbox and find the Profile update confirmation email with a unique string of characters. Copy and paste it into the 'Update string' field in your account.

* Remember to look in the Trash or Spam folders if you can't find the email.

9. Click the 'Save my profile' button again.

10. In the Hyperwallet pop-up, please enter your PayPal email address and click the 'Submit' button. Your payment system will be updated to PayPal by Hyperwallet.

How to change my PayPal email?

If you need to change your PayPal email, navigate to the Profile page and click the Resubmit Hyperwallet data link.

In the pop-up, enter your new email and then click 'Submit'.

❗️ Note that you are allowed to re-submit your Paypal Hyperwallet data not more than 10 times. If you exceed this number, your Hyperwallet account will be suspended.

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