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Signing Up as a Publisher

Learn how to register with Adsterra as a publisher and start monetizing traffic

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💡 A publisher is someone who has a website or any other platform and looks to monetize their audience by placing different sorts of ads. When their visitors see or interact with the ads, they receive a certain amount of money from advertisers who want to promote their services.

If this describes you, head over to the publisher sign-up page. We'll ask you to introduce yourself and provide a few details that will help you get started.

  1. On the first page, please provide the following data:

  • a valid email address* and your full name;

  • login — your unique Adsterra identifier; you will use it to sign in;

  • password — use at least 6 characters, and make sure to include letters, numbers and special symbols;

  • messenger and messenger account — these will help us get in touch with you should anything come up;

  • payment method — where you'd like us to send you your earnings; you can change it later on if needed (a full guide on how to update your payment info is available here).

    * Please note that you need to use a different email address if you already have an advertiser's or affiliate's account.

2. After clicking 'Sign up', you'll receive a verification link sent to your inbox.

3. Open your inbox and find the 'Complete your registration as a Publisher' email from Adsterra Team.

4. Click 'Confirm e-mail' and allow us a few moments to set your account up.

5. Now go to the sign-in page and enter your login or email address and password; click 'Sign in'.

All done! You are now officially an Adsterra publisher 🎉

Now let's take a look at your Adsterra account.

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