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Updating Your Payment Information
Updating Your Payment Information
Get all set for your next payout
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To make sure your payout is completed on time, we ask you to provide a few details depending on your preferred payment system. This information will help us send you money without any delays from your or the payment system's end. We strongly recommend keeping your info up to date at all times.

💡 Note: if you are already receiving payouts from Adsterra, you don't need to specify any additional info. However, when you change your wallet or preferred payment system, we may ask you to provide some additional details like country of residence and preferred currency.

  1. Navigate to the Profile page;

  2. Select your country of residence from the drop-down list;

  3. Set your preferred currency (USD or EUR).

This done, you'll see the list of available payment systems. Please note that:

  • certain payment systems may not have your preferred currency; you can always opt for USD payments if that is the case;

  • if you would like to get paid in cryptocurrency, select USD — you'll get your payout in Bitcoin or Tether as per USD/BTC or USD/USDT conversion rate.

❗️ Now you have the option to choose between 2 payment methods: cryptocurrencies and regular payment methods. Please note that once you confirm your preferred payment method, you will not be able to switch back.

Once you select your payment system, you'll see what information is required:

  • PayPal — account type (individual or legal entity), PayPal account email, full name (company name if it's a legal entity), full address, VAT number (for residents of EU countries and UK)

  • Webmoney — account type (individual or legal entity), WMZ account, your VAT number (if applicable), your first and last name, your full home address

  • Paxum — account type (individual or legal entity), account email, your VAT number (if applicable), your first and last name, your full home address

  • Bitcoin and Tether — your wallet address

  • Wire transfer — account type, full name (company name if it's a legal entity), full address, IBAN, SWIFT, bank name and bank address, and intermediary bank info (if applicable)

4. Having chosen the paysystem (let it be PayPal as an example) and completed the details, click 'Save my profile' below. You'll get a notification:

Now you have PayPal as your payment system. That means you can’t use crypto payment methods, but you can switch between regular payment methods. If it is what you need, click 'Confirm'. If you want to use crypto options, click 'Cancel' and select one of it. Please note that this is the last chance to set your payment method type.

5. Once confirmed, we'll send you an update string to your email address:

6. Paste the string into the 'Update string' field and click 'Save my profile' again.

All done! Now allow us some time to verify the information and enable scheduled payouts for you.

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