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Receiving Payments through Payoneer
Receiving Payments through Payoneer

Learn how to receive payments to Payoneer

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Great news for all of us — you can easily withdraw your earnings to Payoneer through a euro receiving bank account!

The payment is made in euros, and no fee is taken except for the exchange rate.

Here are 2 easy steps how to do it:

  1. You need a euro receiving account in your Payoneer (usually such accounts are offered by Citibank or Banking Circle S.A). If you don't have it, just request through the Payoneer Support.

  2. When you have a euro account, change your payment system at Adsterra to WireTransfer and fill in all details according to the newly created bank account.

❗️ Note that once you select WireTransfer as your payment method, you'll be able to use regular payment options only (meaning no crypto will be available). More info here.

Fields that should be completed:

  • Preferred paysystem: WireTransfer

  • Account type: Individual

  • Currency: EUR (USD payments are not available)

  • Country: your country

  • First and last names: your name and surname

  • Account number (or IBAN): your account number, which is a combination of letters and numbers, for example, IE18CITI99005170425867

  • SWIFT code (or BIC): a bank identifier for international transfers — for example, CITIIE2X

  • Bank name: official bank name (the one that is connected to your Payoneer account, Citibank or Banking Circle S.A)

  • Full home address: your full home address (usually contains city/town, street and house number)

  • Bank address: the address of the bank, which may be found on its official site

  • Additional information: your direct Payoneer email entered this way: 'direct Payoneer email: [email protected]'

Once done, Adsterra manager or a support representative will check the details you've entered.

To start getting payments through Payoneer, you need to go through the KYC or KYB process by providing us with the identification documents. KYC process is for individuals, while KYB is for legal entities.

You may find detailed guides on passing KYC and KYB by the following links:

The minimum payout sum may be decreased, but only after approval of our Quality team.

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