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Receiving and Tracking Payouts
Receiving and Tracking Payouts

Learn what payment systems Adsterra's publishers may use, what the minimum payout amount is, and how publishers receive payments

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💡 We pay our publishers twice a month, on 1-2 and 16-17 of each month, from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm GMT. If these dates fall on weekends or holidays, the payments will be processed on the nearest business day.

To withdraw your earnings, you should reach the minimum payout amount and wait 2 weeks for the funds to be automatically released after the 2-week hold period. Your Payment information should be completed before the payment period.

Available Payment Systems

Adsterra offers the following payment options: Bitcoin, Tether (ERC20 and TRC20), PayPal (Hyperwallet*), Wire transfer, Local Bank transfer, WebMoney (WMZ and WMT**), and Paxum.

* Hyperwallet is a global payment platform powered by PayPal. For more information, please visit Hyperwallet official site and check our article.

** Webmoney WMT is available in certain countries only. You may check the full list here.

You can check the minimum payout sum, currency, and fee for each paysystem below:

Payment system

Payment delivery

Minimum amount










1% of the payout sum for WMZ
2% of the payout sum for WMT





3–4 days



$50 for USD

$0 for EUR

Local Bank transfer

1–3 days


local currency

$7 + exchange rate




Network fee is included




2% plus network fee

* You may find out what details are required for each paysystem here.

Available payment systems will vary depending on your account. You can choose any option that you see on the Payment information page.

Note that if you choose Wire or Local Bank transfer as your payment system, you'll need to pass KYC: you'll have to upload a valid document that confirms your identity (passport, national ID, etc) in English. (Moreover, you'll need to sign an agreement for Wire transfers.) You'll be able to do this on the Payments page:

A full guide on going through KYC is available here.

Also, to start getting payments as a legal entity, you need to go through the KYB process. A full guide is available here.

Receiving Payments

To receive a payment, you need to fill in all payment details on the Payment information page and reach the minimum payout sum.

❗ Note that we lock payment information fields on your Payment information page during the payment period, and for 3 days before and after it. This ensures no payout gets lost or omitted, and all of our publishers get paid on time. Thus, make sure to complete the payment fields beforehand.

Once all payment details are filled in and the minimum payout amount is reached, the payment is automatically scheduled with a 2-week hold period. For example:

  • If the minimum payout is reached in the period 1-15, then you will be paid on the 1st or 2nd of the next month.

  • If it is in the period from the 16th till the end of the month, then you will be paid on the 16th or 17th of the next month.

❗ Note that if parts of the balance were earned in different periods, they'll be paid in different payment periods as well.

The date and the sum of the scheduled payment may be found on the Payments page:

Pending payout means that the payment is scheduled and will be sent on time according to the Payment schedule.

Once the payment is sent from our side, you receive it instantly (except for the earnings withdrawn via Wire or Local Bank transfer — it takes 1-4 working days for the payment to arrive).

You may also find an invoice for a successfully completed transaction in the Documents column on the Payments page (in case you use regular payment options):

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