💡 In your Adsterra account you can manage your websites and ads, keep track of your payments and statistics, access your referral link and API token, as well as contact our Customer Care team.

At the top of every page you will see:

  • The name of the page you are currently at;

  • Your current Adsterra balance;

  • Profile link and Sign out button.

Left-side panel will help you navigate from one page to another. Below will find the list of the pages with a brief description. Make sure to navigate to the related articles for more details:

  • Dashboard — a feed of the most important recent updates

  • Statistics — a page where you can review, filter and analyze how ads perform on your website

  • Websites — here you can add and manage your sites and Ad Units

  • Payments — a list of your past and scheduled payouts, as well as a review of available payment systems and their payout conditions

  • Referrals — your personal referral link and the list of the publishers you referred

  • API — a page where you can get or reissue your Adsterra token

  • Profile — your personal and payment information, and an 'Active sessions' list

In the lower right corner you will find our live chat button — hit it whenever you have a question, concern or feedback. We are here for you 24/7

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