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💡 Adsterra ads are compatible with all major CMS, including WordPress, Blogspot and just regular HTML-based websites.

To add a website:

  1. Click 'Add website' at the top of any page in your Adsterra account, or navigate to the Websites page and click 'Add new website'; a pop-up window will appear;

  2. Enter your website URL; make sure to include the domain name only (example.com); note that special characters are not allowed and get in touch with us should you be unable to add your website;

  3. Select the category that describes your website best;

  4. Tick the Ad Unit you'd like to add;

  5. Choose the campaigns that don't fit your audience;

  6. Click 'Add'.

Now allow us some time to review and approve your website. This usually takes just a few minutes, however we'll make sure to keep you updated by email.

Once your website is approved, you'll be able to access the code snippets ready to be installed.

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